Learn from our past customer’s testimonials, about their experience with Scott B Jones.

To Whom It May Concern:

Thanks to Captain Jurek, me and my family are now the proud owners of a 381 Meridian. We
met Jurek when we responded to a listing for another boat which was no longer available. Jurek
still kindly showed me and my family around the boat pointing out the pros and cons. He
listened intently to our wants and needs, took our information, then proceeded to walk us
through the process.

Now, what impressed me most was that Jurek had opportunities to make
a fast buck but didn’t.

My eagerness to fulfill my boating dream had me ready to buy any
“pretty” boat that came my way, but Jurek’s integrity and professionalism slowed me down and
refused to let me waste my hard-earned cash by buying just any ol’ thing. His concern for my
family’s safety was paramount. He had me patiently wait until the right boat became available
and when it did, we jumped on it, even getting a deal in the process. Even through dealing with
a ridiculously difficult seller, Jurek kept me calm, explained the survey process, and we closed
the deal. What’s even more impressive is that Jurek could’ve made his money and walked
away, but he stuck around, sacrificing his personal time and walking ... Read More

To Whom it may concern:

After a very successful offshore racing program that spanned over 20 years, I decided to move over to the “dark side” and purchase a comfortable and reliable powerboat that can safely serve as a local and long-distance cruiser for family and friends. During my 20 year racing campaign, I was introduced and involved with numerous industry experts (including Yacht Brokers) and when I decided to purchase a new Cruiser I did my homework to make sure that I had the BEST Yacht Broker in the business.

Jurek was recommended by a few close friends that purchased their yachts from him. They couldn’t say enough about his professionalism, honesty, integrity and his work ethics. They were right!

Our initial meeting lasted almost two hours and instead of trying to sell me a boat Jurek took the time to get to know me, my family, our interests and most important my vision and how I planned on enjoying the cruising life with my family.

We looked at ALL our options and after a six-month quest (he never gave up) we purchased an Offshore 52. The actual purchase was a lengthy process because Jurek didn’t leave a stone unturned and in ... Read More

To Whom it may concern:
c/o Jurek Pilek
Yacht Solutions Worldwide
670 Likdo Park Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92663

I recently worked with Captain Jurek on the purchase of an 84′ Northcoast which we found on the West Coast of Florida.

This CAST-AWAY is our eighth boat.  Over the years, we have been fortunate to have worked with a number of good brokers.  For this transaction, we hired Jurek to assist in finding and representing us in the purchase of the CAST-AWAY. We hired Jurek based on the enthusiastic recommendation of a good friend who had worked with Jurek on the purchase of his new boat.  I am very glad that I took my friend’s advice.

We live in Southern California and looked at boats from the Pacific Northwest to the North-East, down to Mexico and finally found the right boat in Longboat Key, Florida. The logistics of buying a larger boat on the other side of the country, as well as a difficult selling party, made this transaction particularly challenging. Captain Pilek’s professionalism, experience, and tenacity helped us navigate through a potentially difficult process, yielding us an exceptional boat that meets our needs and requirements.

Jurek is a dedicated professional broker who I will work with again, ... Read More